my name is Tim Juretzek. I am the CEO and founder of Jur Solutions. However, I am much more a programmer, project manager, consultant and problem solver.

On this page I introduce myself and give an overview of my previous projects, clients and services. Are you looking for an external and location-independent reinforcement? Then I could be exactly the right person for your project.

I saw the light of day in 1986 in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg in the same hospital where my two daughters were later born. In 1990 my family moved to Bremen but in 2006 I returned to Hamburg. Today I live in the beautiful small village of Alfhausen.

I created my first websites at the age of fifteen. In 2010, at the age of twenty-four, I took the step into self-employment. I created the Jur Solutions three years later, in April 2013.

During my 20 years in the IT sector, the internet has changed a lot. Table layouts became responsive design, "Desktop Only" became "Mobile First" and Internet Explorer 6 got replaced by a variety of modern browsers.

I was able to experience these and many other exciting developments at first hand and so I evolved from junior to intermediate and finally senior level frontend developer.







Alone or in a team

Due to my versatile professional background, I worked in or led a wide variety of teams.

I very much enjoy working with upstream project management , but if required I also bring a great deal of experience in taking project coordination and technical documentation into my own hands.

Whether remotely or on site, alone or in a team: one of my demands on myself is that I always display a high degree of flexibility and always maintain active communication on the current project status. Independence and reliability are at least as important to me as smooth teamwork.

"A chain is always only as strong as its weakest link" is not just an empty phrase, but plays an enormous role for me. I make my knowledge and expertise available to my entire team at all times.

I consider it the greatest happiness that I was able to turn my passion into a profession. For me, the attraction of my work lies in the variety. I love to get to know new technologies or develop existing infrastructures. A certain portion of fearlessness and the certainty that almost anything can be realized on the web help me to quickly get into new projects and implement them to the satisfaction of all involved. That is why I have not let a deadline pass until today.

The Company

After the previous three years of solo self-employment I founded my company (Jur Solutions GmbH) in April 2013. Since then I can use and offer the multiplicity of advantages, which a company brings with it.

This company form allows clients to benefit from advantages that a solo self-employed person does not have. Even if I can work like a freelancer, a company is behind me.

One of the biggest advantages is the possibility to conclude long-term service contracts with my clients. A classic freelancer may only make a maximum of 80% of his annual turnover through a single client per year, otherwise he goes into a bogus self-employment. There are no restrictionsin this regard when working with me. A long period of employment for large projects can be realized without problems.

By the company name I can, if necessary, flexibly and uncomplicatedly add further developers from my existing network to projects and conclude contracts independently without additional time or organizational expenditure for the client.

Another advantage is the limited liability of the company. Dealing with large and/or sensitive data volumes requires a safety net in the form of insurance. Jur Solutions offers me and you protection from the biggest uncertainty factor in the IT industry: humans.




For availability and project inquiries, please contact us at the following options:

+49 (0)160 / 552 991 7 tim@jur.solutions

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